At Honour of Kings, we are committed to supporting parents as the only true experts, humanly speaking, in raising and training their own children. You know your children better than anyone else except God Himself. You know best how to train and educate them -- better than any teacher, principal, college professor, or politician. Our goal is to help you in your mission by providing Scripturally sound curriculum and other materials for your whole family.

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This series is designed to be a flexible set of permanent teaching tools / reference book for parents to educate their children from grades 1 to 12. We have laid out five sequence options for parents to help guide them in selecting the best method of using this series for their own families and children.

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The goal of our program is to create students who are able to read and write the Spanish language. By the end of the completion of the second year of Spanish, students should be able to survive on their own in a Spanish-speaking country with the aid of a dictionary.

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Our Bible series is designed to encourage steadfastness in the Christian faith by imparting a working knowledge of Bible stories, foundational doctrines, and study principles. The curriculum can be used at home, within a homeschool group, or in a church setting.

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From time to time Honour of Kings publishes materials having to do with faith, family, and extracurricular activities for homeschoolers. We currently offer one book on Bible-based parenting and two full-length play scripts for homeschool and church groups.

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