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We’re pleased to announce our Honour of Kings Spanish textbooks and distance-learning courses! This series has been taught in local homeschool co-op classes by the author for the past 10 years. With advances in technology, we can now offer it to families across the country. Of course, as retired homeschool parents ourselves, we are ever-conscious of keeping things at an affordable rate and as flexible as possible! Therefore, we’ve given families two great options when it comes to using our materials.


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Option #1)
Parents can purchase copies of both the textbook and the answer key for use in teaching their own children. The course is designed to be taught over 27 weeks, but parents may either accelerate or spread out the course as suits their children.

Option #1 is designed for the parent who already has some knowledge of Spanish (or another foreign language) and feels confident enough to take their child(ren) through a first year of instruction without any assistance from the author.

Option #2)
Parents can sign their child(ren) up for one of our distance-learning courses. Weekly assignments from the author will be sent to the student. Once the student submits these assignments (via e-mail), they will be corrected by the author and returned to the student. Parents and students are free to send questions to the author at any time during the course. (These questions will be answered as quickly as possible.) Tests will be given and graded by the author. Parents will be provided with quarterly and final grades for each student enrolled in the course.

Option #2 is designed for parents who have no knowledge of Spanish or who wish to give their child(ren) a more independent experience.

The program runs 27 weeks and includes all of the material covered in the textbook.  We offer both group and private classes. Courses begin in September of each school year and run through May of the following school year.

NOTE: When choosing option #2, parents are paying for a package of 27 weeks of lessons. Most students should be able to complete the entire course in 27 weeks. However, for those who may need a few extra weeks, we also offer a 5 week extension pack for $25 to allow the student to finish up any work that was not completed on time.

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