Distance Learning


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~Do you have a Jr. or Sr. High student who wants/needs to learn a foreign language?

~Have you already tried one of those CD/DVD programs and found that your student still didn’t really understand how to use the language? Or perhaps they need a supplemental grammar program to improve their skills?

~Are you looking for a course that will give your student some experience in guided, independent learning?

~Would you like to have a private tutor who has experience with homeschool students without having to pack everyone in the car and drive somewhere once a week?

~ Don’t have a co-op nearby that offers Spanish instruction?

~Do you lack the ability to teach a foreign language yourself, but wish there was another veteran homeschool parent whom you could hire?

Look no further!  Honour of Kings is pleased to offer Spanish I, II, and III.

How it Works:

Parents schedule a private onceaweek, hour-long, private tutoring sessions. The rate is $15 per hour and parents may have up to THREE children from the same family in the session. Parents are always welcome to sit in for free in any and all classes. These classes are scheduled and paid for in 10 week segments and the total cost for the entire year (30 weeks of instruction) is $450.

Students meet weekly in classes via a FREE VIRTUAL MEETING tool. Each hour-long class is devoted to first reviewing the answers to the previous lesson’s homework and then to learning the new lesson’s concepts. The weekly lesson, homework, and student’s completed homework are exchanged via email.

What it Includes:

Every lesson teaches a grammar concept while including exercises and a vocabulary list. We also provide links for extra practice and listening skills practice on our website for students to access at any time. Students practice their speaking skills during the class session. Both parents and students may email the instructor with questions when needed.

Tests are given at regular intervals. These are submitted via email to the instructor who grades them. This combination of weekly lessons and regular testing allows the student to build their independent learning skills while also allowing the parent to supervise the completion of the work.

Parents are provided with quarterly and final grades for each student enrolled in the program. All of the material contained in our Spanish I and Spanish II textbooks is covered in the respective courses. Spanish III is a non-text course.

NOTE: Parents are paying for a total package of 30 weeks of lessons. Most students should be able to complete the entire course in 30 weeks. However, for those who may need a few extra weeks, we also offer the options of purchasing extra weeks a la carte in order to finish up any incomplete work.

When and How Can I Start?

Classes can begin at any time during the school year. Break weeks for major holidays are included in all schedules.

If you wish to schedule a private weekly session, please contact us via email to make arrangements.

How Do I Pay?

PayPal – We bill our clients using PayPal. An invoice will be sent to your email after you have signed up via email and received a confirmation of the date/time.

Check or Money Order – For those who wish to pay via money order or personal check, there will be a $5 service fee added to the cost of the distance-learning course. No lessons will begin until check payment is both received and cleared.