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From Lisa Keva – Tales of a Homeschooling Family:

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“My 6th grader enjoyed working on his own throughout the text. Both my 3rd/4th and 6th graders liked the colorful text and end of chapter activities. The text is very well written and encourages the child to really think. We all enjoyed reading the myths from around the world regarding Creation, the flood, and Tower of Babel. These sections helped my children learn why these myths are similar to the Biblical account, but, aren’t true. And, how these differing accounts could happen.

To illustrate this we did one of the suggested activities from the book. I had my 6th grader write a short story and read it to my 3rd/4th grader. My 3rd/4th grader in turn told what she remembered to me. I in turn told my 9th grader who in turn told Dad. And, boy – did some of the facts change!!! Amazing how that worked!”

From Heidi Strawser – Homeschool Mosaics

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“Today I’m really excited to tell you about a new history curriculum . . .

Honor of Kings by Ellen Gerwitz.

In the Spring of 2010, I had opportunity to head to Rochester, NY to take part in the NY state LEAH convention. I met Ellen and her husband at that convention and I’ve been Facebook friends with her ever since. I remember when she first mentioned her desire to start writing a history curriculum. I was excited for her and for the homeschool community at large! I love history and, as far as I’m concerned, you can never have too many history books and resources!”

Honour Of Kings Review – by Carla Baker

I was given an opportunity, to do a review for Honour Of Kings History curriculum, written by Ellen Gerwitz. For this, I was forwarded the first 50 pages of the book, which is enough to get the general  feel of the book. However, in an effort to remain unbiased, I purchased the whole book for the purposes of this review.

My first reaction to this book was based on the fact that it is approached with the view, that the Bible and History are not separate spans of time, but rather all inclusive. It should be taught as one flowing History and not apart. How wonderfully refreshing and so needed in our Homeschool communities and Christian homes. The way in which History is presented in this book,  further  reasons to confirm God’s Creation and  hand in all of History, without needing an additional Apologetics curriculum. This has to be the most glaring difference in comparison to other curriculums.

She goes through many ancient time periods and people groups in a very thorough manner. A fun addition, is when at the end of several people groups, she goes over the Myths of those societies. She has truly done her research here, as it is a more comprehensive listing of those myths than I’ve encountered in any text. This particular addition further reinforces  how the Bible is an accurate history source.

There are periodic pauses in the flow of time, where other people groups are brought to the front, from other regions of the globe, so as to give a clearer picture of what is going on in the world, at the same time. I’ve found this also lacking in other curriculums. This closes the gap between people groups, so we can all see the History in every region.

When finishing up a particular sequence, Ellen has listed several comprehension questions and activities with several links, which again, helps to reinforce the content learned. This  creates an environment in which the student learns and doesn’t memorize the content for a short period of time.

This first book in her series has a second section with a very thorough  outline of American History. Admittedly, this portion disappointed me somewhat, being different than the first section of the book. However, upon looking at it further,  it really  offers an opportunity to cover  Early American History  in the same year as studying Ancient History. It begins with Columbus and the discovery of the Americas and goes through the year 1776. It’s set up chronologically and is a great opportunity for the reader to do the research, thus making us all Historians.  I now see this as a great addition!

There are several additional resources made available through the website and Pinterest, which are truly engaging, and  allows the user to expand upon their new found knowledge.  There are a few ways to implement lesson plans, which are offered, and an outline of their approach and thoughts on education, all listed on the honourofkings.com website.

This curriculum is offered as a multi-level approach to studying history and I whole heartedly agree. As a long time homeschool mom, I can say, you would need no other history curriculum, only research material to go deeper into your quest for historical knowledge. With the addition of this curriculum in any home, one would need less books which separate history, freeing up space for more resources!  I would not hesitate to use this as my  1st-12th History studies. There are so many ways to utilize this curriculum.

The way in which Ellen presents the material is in a more conversational tone. She often speaks to the reader, which engages us all to further our thinking.

I asked her several questions and read the outline and goals on the website, so that I’d have a big picture of this process. This is a quote from Ellen in response to a question I had, “My main goal is to give my grandkids an unparalleled look at history as a whole and to do so in a way that is affordable for my own kids.”  I take more from this than so many other curriculum goals.  It is her love of History, her children, and future grandchildren that propels her forward in her work. You cannot find a more honorable reason for creating a History curriculum than this, which shows in her work. In a an era in which History is being rewritten to some degree and many books being thrown out, this one is sorely needed.

I originally stated that doing this review was an opportunity. I now see it as a privilege and an honor.  I didn’t want this review to tell you what you can already read for yourself on their website, and other wonderful reviews, but to give you the opinion of a long time mom and Home Educator, who’s been through the curriculum gauntlet with successes and regrets. Our time with our loved ones is short and it’s important to us to try to make the right decisions in the beginning.  You would not come away with regret after using this  book.


Getting to Know Your Bible 1 Review – by JS

We began your husband’s OT Bible curriculum tonight for family worship. It’s amazing!! The kids were engaged and so interested in it all! They were asking questions, excited, focused, and answered the questions wonderfully. We have decided to continue it for the next couple months, doing one lesson spread over two nights, reading the Bible text each night and touching on different stuff each night. Please tell your husband it was such a blessing to have such a resource in our home tonight.

Getting to Know Your Bible 1 Review – by RK

Our family has used the Honour of Kings Bible lessons for family Bible study time. We appreciate the attention to detail and digging into God’s Word with accuracy and respect that the curriculum upholds. Our family enjoys the simple layout and thought provoking questions that prompt discussions with our pre-teen and teenaged children who we strongly desire to give a solid Bible base and critical thinking skills while they are still under our roof. — Dana & Rebecca Krebs Fairport, NY