Bible Curriculum – Book 3 Now Available

Honour of Kings is pleased to announce that Book 1 of our Bible curriculum is now available. Click here to go to the Book 3 page. The series will consist of six books as follows: Getting to Know Your Bible – Old Testament (ages 4 to 10) Getting to Know Your Bible – New Testament (ages 4 to 10) Foundational Doctrines of the Bible I (ages 10 to 14) Foundational Doctrines of the Bible II (ages 10 to 14) How to Study the Bible I Continue reading →

Brand New Review

A mom from upstate NY recently recommended our parenting book, Your Children Were Born That Way, to a social media friend. She has graciously allowed us to use her comments as a review of the book:   “We went through a parenting Bible study with our pastor and wife based on a book he wrote called Your Children Were Born that Way, which he titled because people always told them their children were so well behaved they must have been born that way. Truth is–kids aren’t Continue reading →

Follow us on Pinterest!

Honour of Kings has created a Pinterest page where you can see pins related to our textbooks. We’ve created the following boards: Ancient History I (Creation to 1,000 B.C.) American History I (1500s to 1776 A.D.) Ancient History II (1,000 B.C. to 1 B.C.) Spanish I Spanish II Each board has links to pictures, activities, and videos to enhance the text.  Enjoy and feel free to tell your friends all about it. We’d love for them to enjoy our boards, too!

New Sequence Options Available

After some feedback from an experienced curricula reviewer and parents, we have decided to remove the grade labels from our curricula and instead provide parents with a sequence suggestion to help them use the material in a way that best suits their own families’ needs. We learned that our materials can be used by advanced younger students, average students, and special needs older students and thus do not want to limit them by putting a grade level on them. Check out our new sequence suggestions Continue reading →

FREE Lesson Plans for Book 1

We’re pleased to offer FREE lesson plans to families who are using Ancient and American History Book 1. Parents will find two options on our website in PDF form. These can be downloaded by anyone who find them useful. We hope that providing these lessons plans for you frees up some time and helps you plan your year more easily. To access the FREE lesson plans for our Ancient and American History Book 1, please go to this link and scroll down: You can Continue reading →