Free Family Tree Chart

For those of you who are using Ancient and American History Book 1: Chapter II calls for a family tree chart. I originally intended to place the chart directly into the book, but found that was not really feasible. Thus, I am posting this link to FREE FAMILY TREE CHART which you can use instead. In the next few weeks, we’ll add a PDF version to our website that families can download for free. Blessings, Ellen Gerwitz Honour of Kings

Honour of Kings’ Ancient and American History 1 – REVIEWED by Homeschool Mosaics

  Honour of Kings – Homeschool Curriculum & More‘s Ancient and American History 1 has been reviewed by Heidi Strawser of Homeschool Mosaics! (P.S. If you haven’t yet “liked” Homeschool Mosaics’ Facebook page, we highly recommend it as a great source of encouragement for homeschooling families!) “So, what makes this history curriculum different from all the rest?……..” Check out what they had to say: What do I like about it? I’m going to share the features of this curriculum, and my thoughts on each: Continue reading →

Spanish 1 Curriculum Now Available

We’re so pleased to present our most recent product: Honour of Kings Spanish 1. This textbook is the result of 10 years of teaching Spanish  co-op classes to local homeschoolers.  Now, we’re able to offer it to students nationwide and around the world! Learning a foreign language is definitely a worthwhile challenge and one that we hope you will undertake with your students! We hope that you find it affordable and educational.