History Series FAQs

1) What grade level/age is HoK history for? Our answer is that HoK history is for parents aged 18 to 90. That may seem like a silly answer, but it’s true. Our materials are not grade-level specific because every family is different and every child is an individual. Rather than limiting a child to only learning X in X grade, our materials are designed to serve as an “all-in-one-place” reference tool for families to study history. For parents of younger children (ages 5 to 8), Continue reading →

Two Play Scripts Added!

Honour of Kings is pleased to announce we’ve published two new play scripts for use with your homeschool group, church, or youth group. Both are inexpensive, easy to produce and perform, and present a very powerful gospel message. You can find them both HERE, along with free samples to look at. Enjoy. As always, feel free to leave feedback on our Facebook Page.

Bible Curriculum – Book 1 Now Available

Honour of Kings is pleased to announce that Book 1 of our Bible curriculum is now available. Click here to go to the Book 1 page. The series will consist of six books as follows: Getting to Know Your Bible – Old Testament (ages 4 to 10) Getting to Know Your Bible – New Testament (ages 4 to 10) Foundational Doctrines of the Bible I (ages 10 to 14) Foundational Doctrines of the Bible II (ages 10 to 14) How to Study the Bible I Continue reading →

Official Statement Regarding CCSS

In light of troubling developments regarding the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) being thrust on the American education system, we believe it is necessary to officially and publicly establish the position taken by Honour of Kings. We understand the CCSS to be a clear violation of Scriptural standards for education, a gateway to socialism and communism, and a deliberate attempt by both corporate and government entities to dumb down America for the purpose of controlling society by controlling the workforce. CCSS is a machine designed to create workers Continue reading →