Brand New Review

A mom from upstate NY recently recommended our parenting book, Your Children Were Born That Way, to a social media friend. She has graciously allowed us to use her comments as a review of the book:


“We went through a parenting Bible study with our pastor and wife based on a book he wrote called Your Children Were Born that Way, which he titled because people always told them their children were so well behaved they must have been born that way. Truth is–kids aren’t born that way–they are born sinners and bent on selfishness unless we train them (proactive) and discipline them when they sin.

My now 14 year-old daughter said the other day “Mom, I’m so glad you’re my best friend” I am not lying–she said that and let me tell you it was not always that way but she really means it. We have our struggles but God’s Word on parenting is the final authority.

Matt and Ellen Gerwitz have invested their lives into helping weary parents like we were (after me coming home from full time career and pulling kids out of public school) to counsel through the problems that break down families. They helepd us see where we needed to repent of wrong doing and wrong thinking and get the right authority established in our home. When we first began homeschooling we could not even think to really address academics with kids who would not obey the simplest commands like “Please help me set the table for dinner.” Matt’s book is the best $20 we’ve spent in a long time.

My daughter has read the book more than I have and is planning now what kind of wife and mom she’ll be some day. Her favorite line in the book is “Men, you didn’t marry your jobs. Women, you didn’t marry your kids.” It’s worth it to stay in the fight for your kids hearts and souls–never give up–our kids are always our kids!”  – Rebecca K.rebs; Fairport, NY

She added the following regarding Book 1 of our Bible series:

“Our family has used the Honour of Kings Bible lessons for family Bible study time. We appreciate the attention to detail and digging into God’s Word with accuracy and respect that the curriculum upholds. Our family enjoys the simple layout and thought provoking questions that prompt discussions with our pre-teen and teenaged children who we strongly desire to give a solid Bible base and critical thinking skills while they are still under our roof.” — Dana & Rebecca Krebs; Fairport, NY