~Just read the first chapter, looks good!  N.P.

~I love how you put all the myths of creation there.  R.D.

~Great new history curriculum!  J.D.

~This looks like a very nice study.  A.U.

~It looks really good!  C.N.

~I reviewed this curriculum last year and really loved it.  My son and I BOTH enjoyed it!!! Very, very reasonable price! I will be suggesting it to friends for sure!   P.L.

~We enjoyed the beginning of it when we tested it last year. Very user friendly.  J.B.

~LOVE the name.  J.R.

~I love the title you settled on and I think your writing style is enjoyable. J.H.

~I am very excited to dig into what you have created. S.S.

~It sounds like a great book, and something that would have helped ME when I was a kid – I grew up with two “histories” – one was “real-world history” that I learned in school, and the other was “Bible history” that I learned in church. It will be so great to be able to teach my children ALL history at once!!! K.K.

~Wow, thank you! This is wonderful! I will definitely pass the word around about it!  J.R.

~I can’t wait to use it.  L.N.

~This looks fabulous!! My kids are 12,10, and 8. We love history!!  A.H.

~I think this sounds like a wonderful curriculum and we do love history in our home. J.K.

~It looks great from what I saw in the sample!  K.F.

~Would love to use this with my boys!  C.F.

~The book looks terrific.  K.M.

~I have been reading over my copy this evening and it looks great!  M.M.